utdrag ur 'Andy, you're a star'

För Lovisas skull & ingen annans skull så klistrar jag ett utdrag ur min projektbokgrej utan sne text! =)

"?Andy! Get out of bed you lazy son of a bitch!'
Dad was calling from downstairs, probably from the kitchen. His dad always addressed him like that no matter where they were. People always reacted when they were in town or at the grocery store, but no one ever said anything. Pathetic huh?.
?Are you up yet?' he shouted from downstairs. ?Don't make me come up there and get you myself!'. That wasn't a threat. I mean, it might sound like a threat to you, but no. It wasn't a threat to Andy. It was just something his dad always said to him. He was used to it, more or less. Sometimes when he didn't get out of bed quick enough, his dad would come upstairs, and you could hear from the sound of his steps that it wasn't going to be pleasant. The door would be opened with force and he would step right up to the bed at the left side of the room, next to the window, and pull the blanket off and hit Andy in the face. With his hand usually, not his fist. Then he would just turn around and go out, slamming the door shut. It had hurt the first ten or so times, but now it was just another thing that happened every now and then. Just a part of the everyday life so to speak.

?Aaw shit...' Andy groaned and sat up in bed. ?Shit, shit, shit...' He stood up and grabbed the jeans that lay on the floor. Where had the sweater gone? Oh yeah, that's right. Behind his desk of course. He'd thrown it away in anger last night before he went to bed, when his dad shouted something at him. He didn't even remember what it was now. Seriously, what could the time be right now? Nine? Nine thirty? Both wrong. His watch showed him the right answer: 10:42.
?Yeah, I'm up now, so just shut up will you?' "

Där ja. Dessutom lite längre än det jag visade förut.
Varsågod Lovisa, och alla andra som läser.

Postat av: Lovisa

Tack :D

2007-09-11 @ 09:56:57

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